With our digital map application, we want to find out what makes life in port and coastal cities special. How does the sea shape culture, the economy and history? Answer from your own perspective by placing markers on special places in your city. Share your memories, ideas and vision of life by the sea. 

A selection of pins is available to you: In addition to the standard pin without an icon, a pin is available to mark each of "Desired Places," "Innovation Points," "Problem Areas," and "Feel Good Places." A special pin "People and the Sea", which was developed as part of school workshops, marks places in your port city where the relationship between humans and the sea becomes visible in a special way.

The pins can be placed in three different time periods: The present leads to the question of what maritime life means today. Places of the past can show the often-changeable developments of port cities. Finally, there are the changes we would like to see in maritime life in the future. 
You can also create your own maps around specific topics and save them or share them with other users.