The thematic maps

Here you will find theme maps that have been created and published. If you would like to start creating your own map and add content to it, please send us an email to Your map will initially only be visible to you. Later on, your project can be added to this list.

People and the sea

Share your stories, ideas and visions!
You can place pins and add text and images on our digital map.

City tour in historical images

This map is particularly suitable for making your own comparisons between old and new Bremerhaven on a city walk.

Cultural treasure map

Here you will discover what Lehe has to offer in the way of culture, fine arts and leisure activities.

Sing with Hein Mück - venues and activities for children and young people

This map is dedicated to places and activities that children and young people can use on their own, with their family, with school or social education institutions. Future educators have set out to explore these places and actions and present them here.