Our pins

The relationship with a city can be very diverse. Below you will find a selection of pins that symbolize different aspects. Only you can see the pins until they are unlocked. They will have a yellow color to make them easier to find.



You don't have the right symbol or you can't decide? Then you could take the neutral blue pin.


People and the sea

As a museum in a port city, we find the relationship of its residents to the sea particularly exciting. Which place makes/made maritime life special for you?


Feel-good place 

Feel-good places are special places. They can feel like a vacation in the middle of everyday life or provide the perfect setting for your creativity. Where is it worthwhile to stay longer in your city?


Desired place

Here wishes from the virtual world can be put on the map. A meeting place for a free-floating cultural scene? A parking lot that would be the ideal place for a park?


Problem area

The perfect city does not exist. Cramped living conditions, outdated infrastructure or joyless gray: Where do you think something has to/needs to change?


Innovation point

Things are already happening in these places. Here you can find, for example, the prototypes of promising inventions or meeting places where inspiring visions can be developed.